#About Pulaspace

Our Values

Pulaspace is micro investing platform that connects saas startup with investors. Our mission is to support early stage startup founders and enable them raise funds easily from potential investors.


We build solutions we know you need, not just what we think you need. Our products are a result of painstaking research backed by lots of validation from founders.


We believe in power of recognition and engagement which to empowering and investors in founders with good ideas and strategy.


At Pulaspace transparency is one of our main goal. We're more transparent than clean air. We will always be as clear as a crystal.


At Pulaspace we understand the importance of maintaining trust. Therefore, we strive to stay true to our words - not just when you're watching - every time.

Meet the Team 💜

We're a diverse, close-knit team on an adventure of making the fund raising and investment industry easy.

Mooketsi Bennedict Tekere

Mooketsi Bennedict Tekere

Jayren Teo

Jayren Teo

Varaidzo Majada

Varaidzo Majada

Chief Operation Officer